Rick And Morty Season 4 Episode 2: 19 Easter Eggs And References You Missed

Are you a shy pooper too?

Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 2, “The Old Man and the Seat,” is primarily about poop. But through poop, it explores so much more.

In the second episode of the long-awaited Season 4, Rick went on a “solo adventure”–as he put it–while Summer became obsessed with a dating app, Beth tried to stop her, and Morty and Jerry almost got executed in space. And about 50% of the episode was about pooping, toilets, and butt bombs that fart with enough force to blast through drywall and poop out big hands that flip you a stinky bird.

Don’t let the possibly record-breaking number of poop jokes fool you, though–“The Old Man and the Seat” was a thinker, too. What was up with that ending? What were Rick’s real feelings toward Tony, his throne-stealing nemesis? And why was Jerry’s drug-induced fantasy to be a water delivery guy?

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have these Easter eggs, references, and hidden jokes you might have missed.

1. Glootie=Taika

The alien Glootie, Rick’s intern, is played by Taika Waititi, who you may know from a variety of acting, writing, and directing roles, including directing Thor: Ragnarok and most recently, directing and starring in this year’s Jojo Rabbit.

Also, Sam Neill (of Jurassic Park fame, and another New Zealander like Taika) played one of Glootie’s fellow aliens.

2. A Quick “Solo” Adventure

When Rick leaves the table, he proclaims that he’s “got a quick solo adventure to go on, and this one will not be directed by Ron Howard.” That’s a reference to the 2018 movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was directed by Ron Howard (eventually).

3. Phish Phans

Summer’s first soulmate in the episode is really into Phish, which he accurately describes as “a jam band for old junkies.” Phish has been around since 1983 and is very much still active today.

4. Jersey Who?

He also works at Jersey Mike’s, which is a nationwide sandwich chain headquartered in New Jersey.

5. Sneak Preview

The scene in which Morty smashes up the computer and Glootie reminds him that “that’s not how apps work” was the clip shown to fans during the Rick and Morty panel earlier this year at San Diego Comic-Con.

6. Where are the Gorgons?

The restaurant Rick pulls up to on his quest for the toilet thief advertises that it has the “best frog food in the Gorgon Quadrant.” We’re not sure what “Gorgons” actually are, but they’ve been mentioned in the show before–such as in Season 3 Episode 9, “The ABCs of Beth,” in which the alien Trandor tells his ex-girlfriend Kiara that her excuse is “Gorgon s***.”

7. Monkey See, Monkey Do

The fly alien drug kingpin doesn’t call Rick a “monkey” as a random insult–it’s a reference to the fact that humans are descended from primate ancestors. There was a similar joke in the Season 4 premiere, when Rick first encountered Shrimp Rick.

8. No Ricks Allowed

When Morty and Jerry are planning their escape up in the ducts of the spaceship, part of their plan includes a sketch of Rick’s head with a big “X” through it. Wonder who added that?

9. Tony=Jeffrey Wright

The voice actor who played Tony, Rick’s nemesis/friend in this episode, is Jeffrey Wright, who you may know from his role as Bernard on Westworld (among many others).

10. The Cysteine Chapel

The church where Summer crashes a wedding is called the Cystein Chapel–according to the sign outside–which is a play on the name of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican.

11. Priest Witherspoon

The priest’s name is Priest Witherspoon, a play on “Reese Witherspoon” that seems utterly random.

12. Buy Our S***

If you’re able to scan it, the QR Code from Rick’s hat sends you to a page on the official Rick and Morty shop where you can purchase Rick’s Funnel Hat and “never worry about suffering the gaze of mindless robots again.”

13. Where Everybody Knows Your Name

According to the app, Beth’s soulmate is beloved actor Ted Danson, who is most well known for roles like Sam on Cheers and Michael on The Good Place. Good thing Jerry doesn’t know–it would be terrible for his self esteem.

14. [OH MY GOD]

The butter-serving robot from the Season 1 episode “Something Ricked This Way Comes” can be glimpsed in the fridge during this episode’s after-credits scene.

15. Who’s The Bully Now

Also in the fridge: a photo of Morty’s bully from the Season 4 premiere on the back of a milk carton.

16. A Cool Glass of Globaphen

The test tube that Jerry chugs from in this scene contains something Rick called “Globaphen”–the same substance that caused Tony to imagine his toilet heaven earlier in the episode. It turns out Jerry’s version is fantasizing about being a strong and highly valued water delivery guy for a company called “Mountain Sweat.”

17. Tapatio

Jerry was actually looking for Tapatio, which is a delicious Mexican hot sauce.

18. The Real Lovefinderrz

Glootie may have shut down the app by infesting it with ads at the episode’s conclusion, but here in the real world, Lovefinderrz is still out there. The main difference is instead of a dating app, it’s a bizarre website that features a crudely drawn logo and the words “I was using ghoulish overkill! Ghoulish overkill, Summer!”

If you dig down into the source code, you’ll find a variety of seemingly arbitrarily numbered quotes from the show, plus the partial statement “Coming… maybe, but you may have to wait two or more friggin’ years to find out.” We have no idea what this is about.

19. Seat, Sea, What’s the Difference

Lastly, the episode title–“The Old Man And the Seat”–refers to Ernest Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea, a book about an aged fisherman. If someone could read the Sparknotes and let us know what that has to do with an alien dating app and an existential battle over a toilet, that would be great. Thanks.