P.T. Hacker Uncovers The Character Model In Silent Hills Demo, And It’s A Familiar Face

Silent Hills was never released, but thanks to the work of game hacker Lance McDonald, new details continue to emerge about the cancelled horror project. McDonald, who previously revealed that Lisa is right behind you as you play through P.T. (the game’s playable teaser,) has now uncovered the player model you’re controlling in-game.

McDonald, who also recently discovered some cut story content in Sekiro, has shown the character model off on Twitter. The identity of the character model shouldn’t serve as a huge surprise–it’s Norman Reedus, who pops up at the game’s conclusion. This is, however, the first real definitive confirmation that you’re embodying Reedus throughout the experience, even if that had been the assumption all along.

Just to put any uncertainty finally to rest after all this time, yes, the guy you play as in P.T. is the same guy we see in the ending cinematic. Not that there any real doubt, but yeah, it’s Norman Reedus the whole time. pic.twitter.com/PXh5svLRSi

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) December 12, 2019

It’s a small reveal, but a meaningful one, considering that we will never get to experience Silent Hills in full–the next Silent Hill game will be a video slot machine.

Reedus would, of course, go on to start in Hideo Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding. Kojima has said that he would like to work with Reedus again, and has also suggested that he might return to horror in the future. It’s possible that we’ll still see Reedus getting spooked by Junji Ito-inspired ghouls eventually.