Comic-Con: Get A Closer Look At Street Fighter And Mario Kart Hot Wheels

Mario Kart Racetracks

Last month, Hot Wheels revealed new cars and tracks inspired by Mario Kart. At San Diego Comic-Con, we got a closer look at these cars and tracks which are available currently at Target and will be released at other retailers later this year.

The Mario Kart racers are 1:64 scale replicas, costing $5 a piece, and Hot Wheels is releasing three tracks as well, which can all be combined into one mega track. The Thwomp and Piranha Plant tracks are $20 each, and the much larger Mario Kart Circuit Track Set is $80.

Additionally, Hot Wheels revealed its new Street Fighter-inspired cars as well, and without a doubt, the M. Bison one is the best of the lot. At the time of this writing, there wasn’t information about the release date of the Street Fighter sets.

Check out some close-up images at Comic-Con of these cars and the race tracks you can pick up at a Target near you.

Mario Kart Racetracks

This track is made up of all three available Hot Wheels Mario Kart sets, combined into one giant circuit.

Bowser & Wario

The cars themselves are a little bit smaller than the original promotional images made them seem, but there is a lot of detail to every single one of them.

Piranha Plant & Yoshi

While the cars looked a little smaller, the Piranha Plant was a bit bigger than expected.

Thwomp & Rosalina

We didn’t get a chance to see how the Thwomp looks in action, as the set was under glass and everything inside was fixed.

SDCC Exclusive

This metallic Mario Kart Hot Wheels car was exclusive to SDCC. If you’re wondering why there is a silver and gold one it’s because this is a blind box exclusive, in a sense. When you purchase this toy, you know you’re getting a Mario Kart car, but there is a 1 in 100 chance you’ll get the gold version over the silver.

Ryu & Blanka Street Fighter Cars

The real surprise from Hot Wheels was the Street Fighter cars. While Hot Wheels has produced Street Fighter cars in the past, it was usually just a car with a character painted onto the side of it. This time around, the designs of the cars themselves are all inspired by the characters.

Blanka Car

No, the Blanka car doesn’t shoot electricity, but it does have the character’s signature orange and green colors, with what looks like Blanka’s spikey hair on top.

Ryu Car

Somehow, Ryu’s red bandana was incorporated into the design of the car.

Chun-Li Car

The Chun-Li car had the character’s color palette incorporated into the car, but that was about it.

M. Bison Car

This was wonderful. M. Bison’s car has his signature hat sitting on top of the truck. Does a truck need a hat? In this case, yes.